It’s Just a Website, Bro

A while back, I was out on a Saturday in the city with one of my clients while we had another project scheduled to “go live” over the weekend. With that project in mind, I couldn’t focus on enjoying the beautiful day, the table on the water, the food or the drinks. My mind was on the new project launch and resulted in me not being the best dinner guest. The group I was with could see that I was preoccupied, especially when I got news from our development team that they were hitting a wall, and something was breaking down during the migration. I apologized to the group and explained that I had to leave so I could get back to a computer to oversee the rest of the process. My client, who is in the medical field, remarked “It’s just a website, bro. It’ll be okay”. I was taken aback by that comment, since as an existing client I thought they should understand the level of work we try to provide. I laughed it off and left.

The fact of the matter is that it isn’t just a website to us, “bro”. It’s not just an app. It’s not just marketing. It’s not just an ad. It’s not just web traffic. Our clients aren’t just our clients, often they are friends that we have real relationships inside and outside of the workplace. We put our blood, sweat and tears into every project that we handle. Our work isn’t taken lightly and we want to ensure that it is great. Not for our sake, but for our clients. Our clients trust us with something major: their brand image and the potential growth of their businesses. First impressions matter, and we need to make sure every interaction is as flawless as possible.

As a result, our team started printing off posters of some of our favorite projects and hanging them in our office. Everyone who worked on the project signs it and we display it proudly for our team and our clients to see. The simple lesson in it is that anything we touch, anything we create, anything that comes from Fortress should be so good that we are proud to put our name on it. For a client in the medical field, where one mistake can mean life or death, our project problems may seem minor in comparison. But, while lives may not be on the line when we launch a site, an app, or go live with a new client, livelihoods are. And, that is something we hold to the highest degree.



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