Find Your Identity. Make It Unforgettable.


The Brandstorm is our five-step, proprietary branding exercise that uncovers your brand’s identity, differentiators, and core philosophy while keeping your customer at the center of it all. Each organization that has undergone the Brandstorm has discovered something new and revolutionary for their brand. Now it’s your turn.

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Your brand identity and logo are your brand’s first impression. The logo, fonts, and colors used in your design and marketing assets will have the power to harness people’s attention. We have created and recreated brands to stand out in competitive markets—take a look.

Brand Book Composition

A brand book is your company’s internal guide to creating design assets and marketing materials. This guide assures brand consistency and allows your team members, both new and existing, to understand the correct applications for logos, font styles, colors, and other elements of your brand. The expert designers at Fortress can create these guides to set your brand up for success.

Brand Naming

If your logo is your first impression, your brand name is a close second. A name can make or break your brand, so it is important that your name not only makes sense to your business but also resonates with your audience. At Fortress, we have helped brands both old and new choose a name that makes a resounding impression.

Photo & Video Production

Photo and video have become essential to building and maintaining a business. Not only that, but high-quality media can be the deciding factor when a potential client is choosing between your brand and a competitor’s. Show your clients who you are and the work you do through stunning visuals. Fortress has the production capabilities to meet those needs with onsite and in-house production. View our production reel.

Brand Strategy

A strong brand strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Your strategy should define your target market in great detail, and then strategically craft the right messaging to effectively communicate with them. With the right strategy, you can get your business in front of more of the right people. Fortress can help you build and execute your strategy while you focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.



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