Frequently Asked Questions


What types of companies does Fortress work with?

Our portfolio reflects a diverse clientele in terms of size, services, and industry. We’ve worked with billion-dollar corporations, smaller upstart businesses, and medium-sized companies. No matter their size, we strive to work with companies who are as committed to strategy and results as we are.

How Long Will it Take for my Website to be Built?

Our timelines are determined by the size and scope of each individual project. After a kickoff meeting, these details will be set in stone and communicated to the client clearly. Efficiency is a two-way street, so we expect that our clients will provide us with the necessary assets we need in order to keep our deliverables on track.

How Much Does a Typical Project Cost?

Fortress provides custom solutions for each client. This means pricing is determined on a custom basis as well. There are no cookie-cutter, drag-and-drop methods that we use for our clients because we believe in creating an original strategy each time around.

What Are Fortress’ Core Services?

We are proud to offer a broad range of services. These services, ranging from social media to SEO to logo design and many more, can be placed into three core phases or categories. These are branding, web, and marketing.

Where is Fortress Based?

The Fortress headquarters is located in Chicago, but we have clients across the country. We see our office as the best place for internal and external collaboration to happen, so we have a large percentage of Chicago-based clients. Thankfully, with Zoom and other video communication platforms, our long-distance clients are able to feel like they are right there in the room with us, and we love having a large geographic radius of collaboration.

What Makes Fortress Different?

Fortress is client-success obsessed; relentlessly creative; always adaptable; and we have adopted a family-first mentality with everything we do. Additionally, we are a multicultural, multigenerational agency and this layered diversity is a key strength of ours.

Who are Fortress’ Partners?

We’ve been able to partner with several organizations that help us strategically advance our mission of changing our clients’ lives by transforming their brands. A few of these are Google, Hubspot, WordPress, and AWS.

Does Fortress Only Offer Digital Marketing?

Fortress is a digital-focused agency, but we’ve orchestrated award-winning ad campaigns in a variety of mediums, from TV ads, to billboard design, and more.



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