3 Pieces of Content Consumers Need On Your Websites

You want your website to stand out. You want consumers to visit your site over your competitor’s. You want to grow your business.

You’re not alone.

If you own a small business and want to drive more traffic to your website, there are some things your site must include. Besides a good web design, SEO strategy and killer business name, there are three pieces of content consumers need in order to be engaged with your website. The below should be easily accessible and included on your company’s homepage.


Make it clear what services and products your company offers. You don’t have to go into the specifics on a homepage, but sharing general information about your skills and expertise will engage potential customers since that’s what they are looking to learn about. You may not want to give away everything you do on your site, but if you don’t give enough information about your services, consumers will leave your page and probably move on to your competitor. Give a clear sense of what your business does and include secondary pages with more specific information about each service.

About Us

Similar to services, telling consumers who you are and what makes you unique are important aspects of a company website. Giving your company’s personal story—how many years of experience you have in your industry, why you started the business, what you have to offer—personalizes your brand and makes it relatable to consumers. Explaining why your business stands out from other companies in your industry gives potential customers more incentive to work with you instead of your competitors. Figuring out your company’s exceptional attributes is something every business owner should think about and write down on their website.

Contact Information

This one may seem obvious, but making contact information easily accessible on a website is a big one. Don’t frustrate your potential customers by making it difficult for them to get in touch with you. If someone has an inquiry or wants to contact you to do business, you want to make your information available and easy to find. Make sure to include a phone number, email address and a physical address of your location to build credibility and trust with consumers that your business is real and legitimate.

Services, About Us and Contact Information are absolute musts on any business website. If you can make you site multi-device-friendly and easy to use on every platform, that’s even better!



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